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Hey you. Welcome to The Boost App

Have you ever wanted a personal coach then discovered the price for 1 hour shocking? Resorting back to repeating the same life patterns or feeling stuck or lost? You're not alone. This is place to go to change that in a way where you will never feel judged or alone. Ever. In April of 2021, daily self care-meets coaching-meets connection in one place to feel uplifted with love, without the shocking price tag associated these days with human happiness. Read on to learn more.


A Personal Experience

A coach, community and self-care in one place, designed to offer you the connected experience you deserve. The Boost has been created by an empath and team who understand the power and impact of all things love related on human happiness. Love for self, with others and for life. 

We deeply believe learning & living the lessons of human happiness is a right for everyone. Nothing should get in the way, especially cost. That's why we’re creating the place for any human to go, grow & connect instantly, anytime, anywhere to experience the practices of living an uplifted personal life with loving guidance & community. 

It's during the times we're alone we need this space the most and we're removing the expensive costs of personal coaching so this becomes possible for everyone. 1 year all access to the app for only half the cost of a single 1 hour coaching session. 


Instant Voice & Video Coach 

Instantly access coaching and care through the highs and lows of all things personal growth with SELF | LOVE | LIFE. We believe it's at the times we're alone we need this connection the most and our goal is to be there for you whenever and wherever you want.

Chat & Connect

With other members during live events. You can chat, share views, laugh, and grow together because, have we mentioned yet that we're on a mission to create a place where no one feels alone? Spoiler alert, when we reach a key milestone, we'll introduce a match function for either friendship or dating. It will be your choice


On Demand Care Classes & Live Experiences

Choose classes you want to do, when you want to do them and join any or all live events, including with our founder, Haifa. She shares more with the community in response to Q&A, latest must knows in self care, personal growth and modern love.

Tell us. Do you want a friends, dating or accountability buddy match feature added?

When we reach our milestones of 1,000 people pre-registered and 10K people on the app, we will invest in creating these added features for you, if you want them. With any update we make, we will ask you what you want and work hard to create the new features.  

Throughout Haifa's years of coaching & events, she's often asked this. "Do you ever bring the guys and gals together as matches or bring other people together as friends"? Her answer was always. "Sometimes". People who are self aware and growing emotionally, want the same back and where else would be better to do that than here. Help us reach these milestones and we'll make it happen for you.

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On a Mission to bring the loneliness & unhappiness statistics down

We believe we can do this by creating the place where any human can go, grow, connect and never feel alone. The Boost App aims to be the unconditionally loving friend thats just a tap away anytime, anywhere to guide, support and connect you with other people.



Founder, coach, author, human


Digital Business Manager, wonderful writer, human 

Digital Nomad Hero's

A team of incredibly awesome developers & designers around the world working with us behind the scenes. All human

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FAQs & Free Stuff Now


What can I access now?

While you're waiting for the app, you can download you FREE daily self check coaching video from or date success guides for guys and gals. Written to keep your self care at the core, confidence raised up high where it belongs and growing an authentic connection. Just scroll one more time to get them or check out the "Free Stuff" section of the site.

Can I book Haifa?

Although she's using most of her time on evenings & weekends with the team to create the high quality voice, video and building The Boost App, she loves coaching people and spreading these important messages at events so just email her here for any media, coaching or speaking enquiries and she'll make it happen for you:

When will the app be available?

Our goal is to launch in April 2021. Help us make that happen by signing up below. We need to make it to 100 to launch faster and 1000 to build you the match for local friends or dating.  Thank you so much :)

Have a media enquiry or question? Contact us

Get in touch with questions, to book us for a media feature or event. Haifa or Claire will get back to you within 24hours. We'll look forward to chatting with you.

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