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Meet the Other Half of Dating Apps

Success & self-care finally meet to turn modern dating blues and failure into heathy dating success without the expensive price tag of coaching. 

Boost what matters. You. Let go of feeling stuck, low, frustrated or repeating the same patterns. You're not alone. Join us & boost the areas that matter. Instantly.


Making Connections that Matter to You

Your success in connected to what you think, feel and do. Our features are connected too. Instant voice coach & virtual retreat that unifies success & self-care along your path, because the results of life & love are always connected to your inner & outer realities. 

If you want to improve the relationship with you, your love life, recover from a date that disappeared on you or break-up and refocus your life strategy, Boost will always be just a tap away, without the expensive costs.

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Instant Voice & Video Coach 

Instantly access coaching and care to ride the highs and lows of dating while achieving your goals. We believe it's at the times we're alone we need this space & connection the most. Our goal is to make that a reality for you.

Chat & Connect

With other members at organized live events. You can chat, share views, laugh, and grow together because, have we mentioned yet that we're on a mission to create a place where no one feels alone? Spoiler alert, when we reach a key milestone, we'll introduce a match function for either friendship or dating. It will be your choice

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On Demand Care Classes & Live Experiences

Choose classes you want to do, when you want to do them and join any or all live events, including with our founder, Haifa. She shares more with the community in response to Q&A, latest must knows in self care, personal growth and modern love.

No more cost shock with coaching. Get 1 year all access for half the cost of a 1 hour in person session

We believe learning & living the lessons of love & self success is a need for all and cost has to stop getting in the way. Improve the relationship with you, your love life, recover from a tough day, a break-up and refocus your life strategy without breaking the bank.


Rejection on an app triggers the same part of the brain that processes physical pain 

Our brains (the somatosensory cortex) can't tell the difference between a broken bone and when someone doesn't match back, write back, disappears after a date or say's those 5 words out loud "I want to break up".  

To say modern dating has accelerated the rejection rate would be an understatement. It happens instantly. You've felt this and seen the data, so have we. It's time to do something about it with something that will help just as instantly as a swipe. 

Boost is for anyone who's over it. Over feeling low, annoyed, rejected, confused about the multiple options modern dating world and ready to bounce back. Ready to navigate dating with self confidence, love, empathy and find their person while feeling good and growing on that journey.

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Our Founder, Haifa.

Haifa is a coach, author & human behavior strategist, on a mission to bring the loneliness & unhappiness statistics down one person at a time. Most recently featured on BBC news when her client went from a swipe on a dating app to an engagement in lock down. She created the connected coaching paths because without the connections, something will feel wrong or missing in life, even when any goal is achieved.

During the pandemic, it became clear that it's the times we're alone, we need connected coaching the most. In her living room in lock down, Boost was born. 

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On a Mission to bring the loneliness & unhappiness statistics down

We believe we can do this by creating the place where any human can go, grow, connect and never feel alone. Boost App aims to be the guide by your side thats just a tap away anytime, anywhere to guide, support and connect you with other people while making your goals a reality.



Founder, coach, author, human, creates for you with love


Digital Business Manager, wonderful writer, human 

Our Nomad Hero's

A team of incredibly awesome developers & designers around the world working with us behind the scenes. All human

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FAQs & Free Stuff Now


What can I access now?

While you're waiting for the app, you can download your FREE daily self check-in coaching video or date success guides for guys and gals. Written to keep your self care at the core, confidence up high where it belongs and growing an authentic connection. Just scroll one more time to get them or check out the "Free Stuff" section of the site.

Can I book Haifa?

Yes! she loves coaching people and spreading these important messages at events so just email her here for any media, coaching or speaking enquiries and she'll make it happen for you: haifa@theboostapp.com

When will the app be available?

Our goal is to launch in June 2021. Help us make that happen by signing up below. When we make the first milestone of 10,000 people, we'll build you the match feature for local friends or dating if thats what you decide you want in the app too. Thank you so much for signing up early :)

Have a media enquiry or question? Contact us

Get in touch with questions, to book us for a media feature or event. Haifa or Claire will get back to you within 24hours. We'll look forward to chatting with you.

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