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Haifa is an award-winning woman from London who’s designed & created experiences for multiple health brands around the world. She’s a coach, certified CBT practitioner, with by 15 years experience understanding people & guiding creation of healthy behaviors at a health communications agency.

Haifa has personally navigated and survived toxic relationships, negative self-talk, lack of confidence and mastered living in love that’s completely life changing and fulfilling. As an empath to her core, she’s on a mission to help reduce these challenges in the world and do whatever she can to bring the loneliness and unhappiness statistics down.

It all started when she woke up in her NYC apartment 6 years ago projecting living her best life on the outside yet, feeling like she had died on the inside. When she cracked the code as to why, discovered other millennials and Gen Z's were feeling the same way for the same reasons, she made a vow to herself that day to go on a mission to give back and help elevate people in any way she could. 

The Boost idea was born and in 2020, Haifa was told by a Stamford University Psychology Professor & Assistant Dean she was able to capture on a single slide the human insights, challenges and solution to personal wellness that would take 4 years of study to reach. 

Through books, events, social media, speaking events and now The Boost App. Her vision is to create the space thats just a tap away that feels like having a caring friend with you through the highs and lows of life. While she did it alone, and discovered people and resources along the way, she doesn't want it to be so hard for you. 

The Boost App is a loving experience for any human, anywhere, who would like to, uplift how they feel, love and live in the ever changing and challenging world that’s surrounding us. Everything Boost aims to be useful, fun, compassionate and an all around cool place to be. 

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Digital Business Manager, passionate writer, human

Claire is our digital business master, creating a connecting the member experience across the entire Boost eco-system. She's passionate, cares deeply about the members which is why she brings new ways to bring new solutions to everyone we reach. From an empathetic post so people can feel understood when scrolling through social media to making sure the blogs, features, give aways are super easy to get your hands on. 

Claire has a big heart, savvy mind and wants the best for the boosters. She lives in New York, married to a British sports coach that she met in Spain, loves to write and on a mission to work a 5 hour day to live a balanced life. Cool huh. We support that! 

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Our Mission

On a mission to bring the loneliness and unhappiness statistics down by creating a place for every human to go, grow and connect without ever feeling alone or judged. Ever.

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